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What's This All About?

Hello and welcome to Snuff Bro!

We are two guys who with a passion for snuff tobacco and a desire to share our hobby with the world!

What is Snuff?
Snuff tobacco is a powdered tobacco product that is inhaled through the nose and delivers a number of physiological effects akin to other nicotine methods. Many people like to use snuff to enhance their focus and concentration during work or to wind down after a long day. Due to the diverse variety of tobacco blends, nicotine levels, and added oils, snuff can be used in almost every occasion. See our article about Introduction to Snuff.

Who are you guys?
Marshal is a full time entrepreneur who has spent many years involved with the cigar industry. Mike is a computer engineer by day and avid outdoor enthusiast. We both love snuff for our own personal reasons and would spend many hours at the local watering hole sharing new tins we had acquired with each other and with anyone around who looked interested. Marshall and Mike are both extroverts and enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life - so snuff was a perfect excuse to start up a conversation.

What is the plan here?
Anyone who has spent any time online in the snuff community has noticed that the snuff community is scattered around the internet in many "closed forums." Most of the online snuff discussion takes place on older forums or in Facebook groups, and the community, while old and rich, is ridiculously small and niche. The goal of Snuff Bros is to drastically expand this community to all potential snuff users, and to help pull the global community technologically forward. We want to provide more avenues for people to learn about snuff, share their personal collections and stories, and just help expand the online community.

We also recognize that there is a large gap in the market for U.S. based snuff distributors, and our goal is to fill this void, while redistributing some of the profits into organizations to help others overcome addictions.

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Why are you doing this?
Honestly, as corny as it sounds, we believe in snuff. We have both had some amazing times sitting around a table meeting new friends. We have both used snuff to better our health - from overcoming addictions to drastically reducing smoking usage.  We have had a blast meeting members of the snuff community, collecting antique snuffs, and trying as many different varieties as we can.

Have more questions?
We are building out our FAQ page - feel free to get in contact on Discord or anywhere else with further questions!


Sound awesome? We need you!
We are in the process of growing the Snuff Bro community, and we welcome any and all contributions to any aspect of Snuff Bro! Some people seem to really enjoy writing fanciful reviews (vignettes) describing how a particular snuff transports them to a certain time and place. That's awesome, we want you to write for us! Some people really enjoy reviewing snuff and have very well-developed pallets - reach out to us and we can help promote your reviews! Or you just really like snuff and want to talk about it? Join the discord!

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